• Please respect & adhere to the rules & policies of the Atelier
  • Every student should be regular & complete assignments in time, to complete the syllabus in time.
  • Courses available are
  2. Still Life
  3. Wild Life
  4. Landscape
  5. Portraiture
  • Each course is of 4 months & can be extended to one more month (maximum), if in any case the student can’t finish the course in time
  • Fee can be paid at a go or in 2 installments & in consecutive months
  • Fee once paid will not be refunded but can be transferable.
  • Please don’t ask to lend the Atelier properties for personal use
  • Please utilize the Atelier properties with utmost care
  • No special sessions will be taken for the missed ones
  • For commission works, 50% of the agreed amount needs to be paid initially & 50% on the delivery day of the project

                                                                                                                                      MD & Principal Instructor