This is what my students’ think about me & my sessions 🙂

  • It was around Sep., 2019 when browsing through Facebook,I found one of my friend’s mesmerizing portrait art. Upon inquiry, I got to know from her that she attended Venu Sir’s classes.  However, I was skeptical about pursuing my interest and if I can be consistent in this art journey.I was also scared and hesitant to talk to someone of that stature.It took me two months before I texted sir to express my interest to join his classes. However I was wrong in my opinion and it turned out that sir was very down to earth that he helped me overcome my anxiety by explaining the course structure and in general, how he followed his passion and how he achieved all the success which motivated me to take his classes. Again there was silence from my end as the only concern I had was how can it be possible to learn art online.After a long Christmas break, one fine day in January I got message from Venu Sir saying that he is going to start online classes for students in US & Canada and there was only one slot left. Seeing that message, I was in shock because it was just once until then that I spoke to him, in spite of that he kept me on his mind and messaged me. That brought lot of confidence in me and I was convinced with his explanation that it is possible to pursue art online and ultimately I joined sir’s classes. I have been attending the for 6 months now and I see a lot of improvement in my drawings. His teaching style is very unique in the sense that its not that he explains a drawing in the class and we replicate it. Instead he explains the concepts and gives us different assignments related to that, so that we figure out what technique we should use and how to achieve the final output. He always encourages his students to explore different medium/techniques. At any point, if we are stuck with something, he clarifies our doubts by sending short videos. Also he gives a detail explanation in class of what is missing in our drawing so that we can improvise it and learn. The knowledge he has about art and its history is immense. He keeps sharing all this information in class and it definitely adds into our books. Last but not least I would like to say that “A true artist like Venu Sir is not only inspired, but also inspires others”. – Sujana Bharadwaj
  • Venu Sir’s art lessons are not just interesting but his teaching is easy to understand for novices. He is an epitome of patience. We can go back and forth n number of times and he will be happy to help you out. He will leave you with just the right amount of push after the class and motivate you to complete the assignments. He will follow through with you meticulously and help you every step of the way.  I have been taking online lessons from sir for about 6 months now and have learnt so much from his lessons. At the end of each class he will leave you with something to think about and it’s not just about art but about life in general. Finally I just want to say “The Earth without “art” is just eh… and art classes without Venu Sir are just bleh. “ Proud to be his student. – Madhu Alapaty
  • A casual Facebook search got me into a live session with Venu Sir. What I thought would be a 2 min watch and go session kept me watching for an hour . There was something in Venu Sir’s teachings that gripped my attention and then there was no looking back.
    A new world opened to me during my first art class with Venu Sir. The explanations were just so crisp and easy to relate to . I’d always appreciate art but never thought I could be a good artist. He assured me from the start that he would be there to guide me whenever I needed it. His teaching is structured to teach beginners as well as experienced students. He teaches you to look beyond the subject and understand the concept behind it ,which eventually helps in your artwork. I applaud his patience and willingness to share his knowledge with every student of his . As promised ,his teachings and constant support has worked for me in a big way.. I have a long way to reach ‘The Artist level ‘ but today I am more confident of my work . Thank you Sir for your continued guidance. Blessed to have a teacher like you. -Radhika Menon
  • Maybe we can draw something with a pencil & draw whenever we wish to explore our creative side. But it takes a lot of study, devotion, respect and love to gain real knowledge about this vast subject. After wandering around for a long time to get the right knowledge on this subject, I came across a guru who not only has a profound knowledge on this subject, but also imparts all his knowledge to each and every one of his students. For a long time I wanted to learn the cast drawing in detail,. Today that wait is over. After attending this course, I must say that I have truly learned a lot on this particular field of art and I am eagerly waiting to learn many more new things from you Sir in this vast field in near future. Thank you so much Sir. – Sonali Gangopdhyay 
  • Learning always adds value to your skill and life, but learning from a skilled and knowledgeable artist opens up your mind and vision. Madhav sir is one such artists who has not only in-depth knowledge on art, but enjoys teaching and sharing knowledge. He has high level of patience in doing artwork as well as explaining and clarifying questions of students during the workshop. He is a very approachable person. I have thoroughly enjoyed his detailed explanation on the workshop and had a great conversation on art. Thank you so much sir for all your efforts in spite of being busy! May you keep glorifying the lives and skills of all artists! – Rosy
  • The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” I have experienced that inspiration you spread among your students. It was a wonderful session sir, each and every aspect of elements of art were so well explained. It was my luck that I have had the opportunity to be a part of your workshop.     – Amulya
  • I seriously have no idea as to where I should begin with. One day, after my exams were over and when I decided to learn something new, my aunt came across one of your works on Facebook, and that has now changed my life. Two years down the lane, here I am, as a proud student of ‘Madhav’s Atelier of the Arts’.

The love and passion that you have for the field of Art is something that I cannot describe in mere words or sentences. An other thing that I definitely have to mention here is the knowledge that you have about Arts and Art history. 

Arts was only a just hobby for me until two years ago, but now I proudly say that I’m ready to make it a career, and all the credit goes to you and your sessions sir. I still remember the very first class that I’ve attended. I was extremely nervous and tensed while you were teaching us the basics and whether I will be able to replicate it as it is. Today, here I stand confidently before I choose a reference for my next work.

When I tell people that the class is for 4 or 5 hours, they’re shocked and ask me what do I do for so long and don’t I get bored. I simply laugh at them, saying that I enjoy being there. The zeal that you have for teaching Art is what made all of us stand here with at least basic knowledge in Arts. The tricks and techniques that you share with us are literally so useful, and we do not find them anywhere. You make the sessions fun, and create a beautiful vibe for any Art lover. I initially came here only for basic sketching and for preparing for NATA. But today, I’ve decided to take up fine arts and the support that you’ve given me is something that I just cannot express.  

Looking forward to a lot more learning from you sir. Thank you for making me the person that I am today. I am forever grateful and indebted to ‘Madhav’s Atelier of the Arts’. -Sreeja Kanumuri

  • Its been a year exactly since I came into contact with Madhav sir, personally, for me, it has been a rich learning experience when it comes to learning arts. He has an immense passion & love towards realism, its also a reason why he doesn’t settle for second best even when it comes to his student’s works. Realism is a genre that demands nothing short of pure finesse and accuracy to execute, and this, he ensures each one of his students understands. At his humble atelier here in Hyderabad, he has a unique system of teaching wherein people are encouraged to explore their inner artist and express the same without any constraints or limits. It takes a lot of patience to handle and follow up with numerous students, each with their own pace of learning and problem areas that need working on, and this, Madhav sir excels at…in the art of patience.                                                                                                                                                                  I have never had any close ties with art till about a year ago when i joined his atelier, today I pretty much pick and choose any subject that I want to draw, this has been my biggest learning so far other than the obvious improvements in my art works, it has given me tremendous confidence in my own abilities as an artist…..this is a very big thing because good things come to us only if we are able to believe in our own self. The improvements are not only because of practice but also his conscious efforts and the personal time that he gives every single one of us, no two students are taught in the same way, he adapts his teachings according to how we are progressing, which is a very big thing, knowledge is disseminated in a very honest, unselfish and transparent way. Madhav sir solely teaches for results, not for monetary compensation, no student is left behind not having learnt anything…he ensures he takes you to the shores that you desire to get to, he is always updating his own knowledge in arts so that his students get only the best in art education, he takes a very in-depth approach, for example, even topics like art history are taught so as to train a well rounded artist and not an incomplete one. All in all, I would say that this is the best art education that one can get, a learning so deep and eye opening, it changes you as a person and for the better of course! I look forward to more such rewarding experiences at the atelier, I see myself getting better and better in the future, I believe so. Thank you Madhav sir for making us take ourselves seriously when it comes to art.  – Anshuman Chaudhury
  • Madhav, Our sincere gratitude to you for mentoring Srijita in her art journey. As I always say – you are not only mentoring her in her art journey but also showing her how to be a good human being by just being yourself. I hope one day, she is able to receive all that you share with her. For an artist, it’s about their passion, their work, they have the complete freedom to be able to take that passion forward in a way that they want. A true mentor on the other hand chooses the path to go beyond self, to pass on what he has learnt, to mould his art form / teaching strategy in a way that can make the student thrive. We have found a true mentor in you for Srijita’s art journey. Children can be creative but when that creativity is placed in the environment of structured learning, suddenly they feel loss of interest and that’s what happened to Srijita.   

We greatly admire your patience and your willingness to understand Srijita without judgement. Instead of forcing her to learn your way, you gave her other options that align with her temperament and she is now enjoying learning water color painting techniques. Your perseverance to make things work, truly amazes us. Thank you Madhav for being you  May you always receive HIS blessings in abundance and may you attract students that reciprocate your passion, dedication, honesty, integrity and humility 

  • One birthday gift was my ticket to the amazing world of graphite. One workshop in 2015 and my efforts to create magic with pencils marches on. One session changed my perspective of seeing the beauty in the world around me. That is how effective your workshop was to me Venu. 
    Your knowledge on the subject is vast and varied and I have benefitted in many ways. Explanations are clear and easy to understand. Approachable, prompt responses and not being time bound are the biggest plus points for me which makes the journey of learning a joyful experience – Neema Uthaiah
  • I’ve been learning under Venu sir for about 6 months – spread over a course of two years. And that is the biggest testimony of his patience there can be. While work and life has come in way of art for me, for him art is a way of life; and he’s been right there to guide me – through all the breaks and phases that interrupted my journey. His talent and skill brought me to him, and his knowledge and philosophy of being available anytime of the day has made me stay. He is objectively critical and clear, constantly encouraging and pushing to get results beyond my assumed capability in the final work. He’s honest and hardworking – going out of the way for his students with innumerable tutorials. He does not just ‘teach’, but is himself constantly discovering new artists and their works to acquaint us with.                                                                   We, as a collective group, often engage in discussions regarding older masters and their works, observing and absorbing tiny bits at a time, becoming gradually better. He’s brought a group of warm, encouraging students around him who extend support to their peers in a way much similar to his – encouraging and objectively critical. Art has always brought a sense of comfort to me, and being under his wing has also brought a great sense of progress and accomplishment to me. I look forward to my journey under his guidance. – Vanya Pande
  • I have started learning from Venu from Feb 2019. He is not only good art teacher but he is very good in mentoring and motivating you to take art seriously. Only expectation from him is that you give time for learning and practicing. I am thoroughly enjoying my journey. All his students are part of what’s app group, posting their works. This has inspired me to practice more. Also Venu gives individual attention whether you are online student or learning face to face. Only one thing bothers me a bit is more structure to the course would have been helpful for my personality. But positive point with this approach is I can choose what inspires me to sketch and he can give assignments based on students level of knowledge in arts. Also Venu keeps learning him self new things every day so that he can give better guidance to his students. From which I have learnt that art is a journey and enjoy every moment even while learning. Also compete with yourself not with others. – Roopa Mandi
  • I’m one of the early student of Madhav since 2013.He started teaching in graphite realism , probably one of the early Indian artists who started works in this medium . Since he is a self taught artist , his teaching methodology is unique. He wish to teach every new technique or struggle he went through during his learning to his students so that they don’t have to travel the same rough path .He is a constant learner by himself .He always try to upgrade students with new techniques, new tools of art .watching him in all these years is one of the best quality is to maintain one to one attention against each student . Iam thankful to him and impacted with his teachings . It is a delight to watch his works and his passion towards graphite realism is no less than a spiritual . I’m thankful that I know him in person. – Deepthi Kanchanapally
  • I started learning from sir last year in June and I have learnt so much in this year, I have fallen in love with pencil again and got to know so many new techniques. He is a thorough professional and gives individual attention to each and every student. It’s amazing how he finds time to respond to each and every query/ question of his students and mentor them personally. – Vandita Bansal
  • Sir…..you are too awesome….when I followed Ur class teaching history of arts….really felt blessed to have you as our teacher even though I found you accidentally…..you are too patient in teaching to me….thank you so much for understanding sir…sometimes I feel that u r bringing back ashram type of learning with lot of passion n selflessness. Even though I’m taking a little long time…..I will surely keep up Ur expectations sir. Stay same….- Suguna Motamarry
  • I enjoyed your workshop, it was so lively and such a great opportunity. The ease with which you explain and share your knowledge so willingly, your patience to answer all queries as well as the tremendous experience that you have from years of self-learning and practice, all made attending the workshop so worthwhile. You are an excellent teacher. Look forward to many more workshops in Bangalore. – Shreya Ravi Kumar
  • Words are not enough to say special thanks to Venu Sir for letting my fear out of me in graphite realism.anyone can achieve to the higher levels in this art with sir guidelines thank you once again sir. – Sushma Danthuluri
  • I was kind of skeptical about when I saw the post about the workshop, but to my surprise its worth every penny & the time spent, its a day well spent . The in depth knowledge shared about the shading techniques , stationary & their usage was something new. Thank you Sir. – Neeraja
  • I’m glad I was able to attend the workshop. The class was very informative & helped me regain my lost interest in art. From the learning of the class, I realized that anyone with an interest can pursue art if we have a good teacher like you & I was filled with zeal by the end of it. I’m looking forward for more such successful workshops in Hyderabad. I’m also glad that my daughter is your student & she is super excited to have you as her Guru in art – Anita Bharadwaj
  • I happened to watch and be amazed at the sketch works of my friend Sudha Sarugu, who is Venu sir’s student.
    It has been close to 2 months that i have been watching and following the works of hers and of Graphite Realism aka Venu Madhav Vodnala
    A water color portrait which i did couple of days earlier got me questioning that i have been lacking something in my works which left a void in me. That one thing which was pricking my brain… that unanswered question… that missing piece in that puzzle which i have been looking for…flashed in front of me. That FB post of Sudha shared by Venu answered everything. And I immediately joined the course which Venu is offering for passionate aspirants like me. 
    Venu’s relentless encouragement and enthusiasm got me find time to sketch and hone my skill. His teachings made me discover the things in me which were like meant to be as destiny had it. Starting off with a sketch of a ball i come a long way to this work which I share with you all.My first sketch of human anatomy after 4 months of learning. I never knew human skin had these many patterns and shades until i started instilling life into the sketch. Taking care of the fine lines on the nails, folds of skin depicting the grip of the hands, depicting the light and shade etc tiring it might seem but once the sketch got ready, made me forget all the effort. The end result is here, the best work of mine till date. Thanks Venu without your guidance this would have not been possible ever!! Looking forward to many more such associations with you. – Lavanaya Siliveri 
  • I am writing this mail as a personal reference for Mr. Venu Madhav Vodnala. I got to know him through fb where i saw his works and got inspired to join his course “Graphite Realism.” I would like to share my thoughts and journey in graphite realism so far.
    If I describe my experiences undergoing the class, I think that would be an apt testimony. Venu sir is an excellent teacher. He is very dedicated to each and every student and gives his full attention. Sometimes you feel pampered😂. He knows when to to guide you and when not. He doesn’t spoon feed. He trains you to find your mistake and correct them as well. He does it in a way that you don’t realize how much u have grown until one visits the pages one has done earlier .
    In my initial sessions, I thought I made a mistake!! Two sessions where I was not allowed to touch pencils or draw anything. just heard him talk for the entire 2 Hrs and was wondering when we would actually start drawing! But the essence of all that he said when applied on my first homework , of drawing a simple sphere instilled in the basics. He enabled us to learn the time required to deliver the sketches and not to rush.
    My second homework of apples taught me, there is scope for improvement . He selects the homework ,knowing well our abilities that we ourselves underestimate. I was tested for patience and perseverance. He makes us realize our strength and weaknesses .He always says “give the time it demands”.
    My homework on wild life which I clearly wanted to stay away from, taught me, nothing is impossible!! Sir was so generous to give me a choice of three pic to choose from…..guess what?? all three wild life!!!! Huh! Had to push my boundaries and get out of the mind-block that limits the potential.
    A statue sketch that I decided to do my best and started with over confidence only to realize how better I could have done! So working on it again. All through this journey he has been a best teacher, guide and a good friend.
    To summarize it all , ” if you get an opportunity to learn from Venu Sir, please grab it !!!! “
    I trust that the information provided will be of assistance to all aspiring artists and beginners like me and will be happy to provide further information, if required. – Ranjani Ramesh
  • Truly speaking , my last work was Kate Winslet, and I was amazed after doing that…my family and my friends felt so shocked that I have drawn this sketch.I have interest in graphite realism but because of Madhav sir, I am experiencing the actual enjoyment in this field and really it very tough to instill life in the sketch & it need lot of dedication towards your work with full commitment.. And sir keeps on encouraging us time to time so that we don’t loose confidence…..thanks a lot sir, without your continuous encouragement its really impossible to reach up to this level 🙂 – Shwetha Sharma
  • Drawing painting and sketching is my passion from my childhood….my elder brother is my inspiration. Always wanted to join some classes which can give me a direction…thanks to Akshay that I met with sir and joined d session. Sir’s knowledge, interest and worship towards art inspired me & made me more enthusiastic. After attending d session only, I little bit understood that it is TAPAS. Lucky to hv such nice people in my circle. One improvement about d session I strongly suggest sir.. is to include canvas and oil painting as well.    That will make us more stronger in artistic field and we can expand our circle better. – Sumit Keshri
  • I have been learning Graphite realism from Venu sir since 3.5 years.And I consider myself very fortunate that I got a mentor like him.I am very low on confidence levels, don’t have any knowledge on the sketching, materials which are used to sketch when I joined.The courses which were designed by Venu sir are very helpful from beginners to senior level artists. As we were been taught from the very basics about the graphite realism, the course could be taken up by anyone who is really interested to learn sketching even the beginners. Also he has a wide knowledge on the art stuff, art history etc which he learned by self from many years. He is striving to take the course to the academic level and to spread the knowledge of graphite realism on a wider level. We were thought to do the sketches by seeing an object(still life, statues) in live which is the way they teach in premier art institutions in abroad and which is a very professional way. He taught us many textures which we feel complicated in a very simple manner which helped a lot of people. He taught us things in a very simplified manner which he gained after years of experience and which he learnt on his own all those years 😊                                                                                                                                                                                                          Coming to my experience with Venu sir, it is an amazing journey. I have learnt many things from him. From being an absolute novice to doing some portraits now I can say that I learned many textures, techniques, materials used. Never in my life I imagined that I can do portraits. He is/will be always ready to help his students anytime.As per my experience he never declined to help any student when they were facing anything challenging with respect to their sketches. Whenever his student is not able to get the technique and not able to do it properly, he told the techniques again and again very patiently without discouraging them. He boosted a lot of confidence and encouraged me a lot in taking some challenging projects. When I myself have no belief on me that I could do them, sir has belief on me and encouraged me to take up challenging projects. He is one of the kind and selfless teacher that I have ever met in my life. He is very patient and answers to each and every query immediately that his students pose to him. I hope I can learn many things from him in future and expand my knowledge on arts. Thanks a lot Venu sir again for everything 😊 Anusha Vasireddy
  • Well everyone, I’ll be honest with you. When I was living in USA I never really had interest in art. Everyone told me I was good at it but I never really showed any interest. When I came to India, all of a sudden, I had this strange zest to draw and it became a passion for me. The more I drew, the more I wanted to learn, because art is endless and beyond. The more u learn, the more there is to learn.
    When I joined sir’s classes, I realised what art really was about. I saw sir’s passion for art and it just got me more inspired. Of anything I achieved this year, it is my love for art and the credit truly goes to sir. For being such an awesome, inspiring and patient teacher. I promise that no matter what, I will never give up art. So thank you sir 🙂 🙂 – Sravya Susarala
  • Though I am not active in the group these days but pleasure to share my experiences. I met Venu Madhav sir ay Infosys campus while he was conducting demo sessions. If I had missed attending that then I would have lost the most wonderful opportunity in my life. I have never drawn any piece until that day. After finishing my first work I haven’t believed the fact that I have drawn so well. When my friends started praising and surprising of my work, I can’t even express that feeling, one should experience it to realize. I have found lot many things in me while drawing and I get myself motivated when ever I see my works and not exaggerating to say that I’m directed to take the most important decisions in my life, after I started trying to instill life into my works. I always see in Madhav sir a friend, a teacher, a motivator, a Guru and ultimately a Kala Tapaswi as per my heart and mind. Everyone here are blessed to have him in our lives.  Let us never give up and attain higher levels. Wishing you all the best.  Chandra Sekhar Mutyalapati 
  • It was a great experience with Venu this year as a teacher and more of a guru goto person for self healing and motivated. I have known Venu for years from the very first portrait he has drawn. Every time I talked to him felt peace and got direction and problem appears to be small. I am thankful to Venu and group for posting such wonderful works which motivate me and try assess my selves into it and what it takes. I extend my warm wishes for everyone. Praveen Konduru
  • I am extremely grateful to Srividya ,because of her I came to know about Madhav, till then I had been searching for classes in Hyderabad but never got one. Even during school days I never got a chance to learn sketching. As every person is attracted to a Guru in this world who leads him or her to the Ultimate One, I think time was waiting for the right moment and right person to teach me this beautiful piece of art .I thank God for giving me the right person to teach me this form of TAPAS. Apart from sketching I have learnt how to channelize my negative energy and convert into concentration and passion to draw, sketching has become a way of relaxing my mind and heart and the best part about it is the mind doesn’t wander anywhere else while I practice it… if I am drawing an  eye ball,I don’t see anything else apart from that eye ball…and the pleasure ,mental peace and satisfaction I get every time I draw  is amazing. Greeshma Nair
  •  I would like to take this opportunity to thank a wonderful human being 😊 Venu;
    Though I do sketching since my childhood I use to feel like there is something missing but I cldnt identify what is that and I use to do with Nataraj pencils and wasn’t having any clue about grades and detailing part; I did approached many institutes and people, but no luck.
    Fortunately I got to meet Venu in Infosys campus, that was one of the best things that happened to me in 2015 😊; since then my friends and colleagues started asking me”when are u posting your new sketch, its been long time don’t delay 😊”, its just because of you Venu.
    Its not about just sketching, I would love to seek suggestions from him in my personal front as well, he is  always there whenever I need any advice/clarification. As Chandra mentioned,  I always see a friend, teacher and motivator in you Venu.  Thank you so much for everything 😊 Eeshwari Sriramula 
  • What I would like to write about Venu is……..you are toooo awesome. You always inspire us, motivate us in fact I can term you as ATM( Any Time available Master). Even if we ask questions after 12am,(IST) you reply us without any hesitation. Your wife must be a great woman to provide you such great support consistently. Because you always be in peace of mind. Thanks for being such a wonderful master to everyone. And as Sumit mentioned, you must continue with oil painting also . So that we just keep on learning from you and never quit after  finishing the course. I heart-fully wish you to be the same person all the time inspiring everybody with all the goodness Sudha Sarugu
  • I want to keep my feedback crisp… I am soo lucky to be Madhav’s one of the first students… I used to draw cartoons previous to that… He was so patient and made me learn every detail…. Eye, then nose, then hair… People were so stunned to see my first portrait… They asked me whether it was a Xerox…. Even now that happens…. And yes I believe any art is meditation…. Thank you Madhav for introducing me to such beautiful art…. I can see beauty even in every detail…. There are lots of people out there who doesn’t know about this art… Way to go Madhav👍👍 Sri Vidya Tata 
  • I am very lucky to learn sketching from Venu. Thanks to Sudha for introducing him. He is very patient in teaching and passion about sketching. Apart from sketching, his spiritual words are also very helpful in life. Even though, I am a slow learner, he is encouraging me well. As Sudha said, he is always available at any time.. ATM is correct name for you Venu 😊 – Ramya Manchala
  • I am really a blessed student of Madhav Sir who provides his guidance whenever, wherever needed. His passion for doing works, spiritual guidance and great interest in people’s success as a 100% support are the key points which help me keep in zone to follow my passion or keeps me reminding about it always, whenever I lose the touch. Thank you Madhav. – Akshay Rane
  • I joined the class, just to accompany my son in his learning and also to get sometime away from the daily grind. Honestly, I was not sure how much I would learn through online sessions, but Venu really does a good job of teaching us the details. Keeps the group well motivated through messages and encourages us to do well. His feedback, not just limited to classrooms sessions, but also anytime during day and night when we work, keeps us connected and encouraged. I feel very fortunate that I am learning it from Venu and am connected with other members and their work through the group. Thank you Venu. These sessions mean much to me. Chaitanya Vadlakonda
  • I met Madhav in Infosys and started with my graphite realism adventure from there. I got to witness some real great work. And always wondered how and when will I reach that level. I learned some good techniques from him. I couldn’t continue the classes and then couldn’t continue practice at home as well due to various reasons but I wish I’d soon come back on track and share something close to the lovely work you all are doing..😊 – Suprabha Nath
  • I have heard a lot about passion in my life but most of the things said about passion never seemed realistic or practical to me but after observing sir’s dedication towards Sketching, I have realised the true meaning of passion. Listening to stories of his hard work was remarkably inspiring and I strongly believe that it will keep motivating me throughout my life in any field. The way he first praises the sketches of the beginners(including me 😊) and then corrects the sketch and shares the tips is truly amazing. And above all he is such a nice human being. I feel lucky to fulfill my childhood wish of Sketching under his guidance. – Surya Bhanu

5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Venu, as usual your art is fantastic and really a God’s gift. Good to see you taking it higher and higher every time. Me and my wife Sandhya wish you the best of everything to come your way.


  2. I have seen Venu’s work close enough to say that it is simply out standing. Being a fellow artist i understand “detail” means to make a perfect work.
    All the best Venu.. keep stunning


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