16 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Hello!!Your work is so awesome and realistic.It doesn’t look like a pencil drawing..Its like a photo taken.Ultimate !!!! great going…


  2. They all look very good. But…… without color, they look lifeless…. I know it feels bad to leave such a comment. But this is my instinctive reaction.


  3. Super, Extraordinary ….. The ability you have not only the god’s gift also it shows your passion and commitment to produce a live picture.


  4. For Art there is no word to praise it exactly – it cannot be defined at least novise like me Cheers Madhav – Tirumala Aditya


  5. Namaskaram madhav. Your pencil art is really extraordinary. I never know that a pencil can do magic in an artist hands like you. They are looking like real. Great job.


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